European Moldova

The “European Moldova” communication campaign aims to promote the Republic of Moldova’s path towards European integration. It educates citizens about projects funded by development partners and the positive changes these investments bring to people’s lives. Normality – this is the key word that explains the meaning of European Moldova: normal living conditions for all Moldovans, whether they live in villages or cities.

European Moldova means a bright future, which we can only build together.

European Integration European Integration
European Moldova European Moldova

About the project

Over the years, Moldova’s European aspirations have been unstable, due to political crises that have divided our society. However, with the signing of the Association Agreement and the attainment of a visa-free regime, alongside European investments in infrastructure, education, the economy, and social services, for the first time in Moldova’s history, people have felt and witnessed firsthand the meaning of European Moldova: freedom, development, modernization, decent living, rule of law, economic opportunities, and the unique chance for a bright future—a future that we can only build together, person by person, village by village, and city by city.


Our collective effort, desire, and courage to build a prosperous future for the Republic of Moldova determine how quickly we will succeed in making the necessary changes to live like the EU countries and, of course, to officially become part of the great European family.


European Moldova is not merely a slogan; it is the outcome of the labor of several generations, the result of the sincere desire of all citizens of the Republic of Moldova to live better. It is the sole national project that can make us free and prosperous.